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Charities Can Now Begin A New Model for Fundraising
This is a funding model that has never been offered before. Charities have never had access to this type of relationship to continuously create life changing equity as a donation. Charity fundraising has historically been exclusive to golf tournaments, digital outreach other marketing heavy campaigns. For the rare charity seeing an equity donation of growth-company stock it was a process that was hard to replicate again and again.

Never before have charities had access to this many creative tools to create meaningful value. Through the CharityEVO model charity’s can participate in an endless stream of growth company equity represented by a top-tier institutional investment banking firm. The end goal is to minimize the need for endless and expensive money raising events to worn out donors.

Work With Industry Experts
Charity EVO has decades of financial experience behind it and we work with an institutional investment bank to bring you exciting growth company opportunities.
Better For Your Donors
Donors subscribe to a process that gets them a larger tax deduction.
Work Directly With A Reputable Investment Bank
CharityEVO helps you with the connection to a reputable institutional investment bank that knows how this process works.
Less Recurring Work For You
The CharityEvo process is designed to forego the conventional process of fundraising that takes up so much time.
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