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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Charity Funding
Charity License and Experience
A prospective funder needs to know the charity is licensed in the state in which they are doing
Charity Reputation
A prospective client should gather enough information about the Charity to satisfy any concern
about their reputation and experience.
Institutional Funds
A prospective client needs to know the charity they deal with will allow Institutional Funds or
Entities to bid on and ultimately own the equity. CharityEVO affiliates allow individual investors to bid
on or own the equity. Doing so protects the character of the sale for the charity when the
Institutional Funds (for example pension funds, banks and hedge funds) purchase equity as an
Preliminary Valuation
A prospective client can know that CharityEVO will complete a preliminary valuation
to give them an idea of what the stock might be worth prior to getting involved in a complete
How Does The CharityEVO Process Work?
CharityEVO has created the CharityEVO Process that each corporate client is walked through. 
The various stages of the process are outlined below starting with a client or charity advisor
identifying an funding opportunity.
How Does it Work?
We’ve strived to create a very transparent process that is easy to follow and
understand.  However, we believe there are several key talents we possess that separate us from

First, the informal appraisal we complete gives an indication of the stock’s sale value.  This
allows you to determine very quickly if it makes sense to move forward into the process.

Second, the keep versus sell analysis enables you to evaluate multiple “What If” scenarios,
including valuation changes, funding variances and alternative investment
options for the sale proceeds.

Third, as offers are received on the contract, CharityEVO’s affiliates aggressively negotiates the
amounts as well as the valuation associated with each offer.  We regularly negotiate the
valuations up from the industry standards. Finally, when the stock has been sold and proceeds transferred, CharityEVO creates
a Compliance File for the charity, stock owner, and advisors.  We know questions may arise
after the sale is completed so we created this resource to reference.

Making Sure You Are Getting the Most Value

CharityEvo prides itself in doing a complete and thorough analysis of each company that we
work with. We want you to know all the things you can do to increase the value in the relationship and are, comfortable in knowing you made a logical decision on an economic basis.
CharityEvo affiliates specializes in obtaining bids from multiple Institutional Funds for the
purchase of the equity. More parties bidding generally creates a higher price for you.
Growth stocks are an asset that may have a greater value than just the sales price,
sometimes as much as five or ten times more than the current value is in the long term corporate revenue share.
What are Institutional Funds/Trusts?
Institutional Funds/Trusts are special entities established typically by pension funds, banks,
hedge funds and investment companies for the purpose of purchasing growth equity as investments.

The funds may own hundreds or even thousands of pieces of companies that are
held within their portfolios.

Our Unique Approach

What is a CharityEVO purchase?
The CharityEVO definition of a transaction is the purchase of a block of stock by
an institutional trust in return for cash.

– Why Sell my Stock to a CharityEVO partner?
Some may wonder why anybody would want to sell their stock to a charity.
Generally we see four primary reasons a sale should be considered:

You’ve outgrown your ability to fund with friends and family

New goals within your company’s plan

Your current funding plan hasn’t performed as you expected

Your growth plan and finance needs have changed

Am I Eligible for a CharityEVO funding?
If you are raising more than $5,000,000, have some concerns or issues with your
current plan, you may qualify for a funding.

– How Does The CharityEVO Process Work?

CharityEVO has created Institutional Process that each corporate client is walked
through. The various stages are outlined in the adjacent process wheel starting
with a client or advisor when identifying a funding opportunity.
Call (949) 533-7812 to arrange a time and discuss how we may be able to
help you or see if you CharityEVO Funding.